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UX Design by Rebecca LeVine

As in-person events make a triumphant return, DJ Cat, a Denver-based DJ specializing in weddings and parties, needed a website that would help her stand out from the crowd.

Client: DJ Cat

Role: Lead & solo designer

Design tool: Adobe Xd

Duration: 2 weeks


The DJ market is highly saturated, not only with small shops like DJ Cat, but also with larger, multi-DJ companies, who may offer greater availability and lower rates. In addition, events that require a DJ have been few and far between for the past 15 months as a result of the global pandemic; the return of these events is of course a boon for DJs, but it brings with it some additional challenges, like customers with lower budgets and a need for more lenient cancellation policies.


I conducted an informal audit of other DJs' websites to get a sense of what kind of information and features DJ Cat's site ought to have. I also reviewed these sites' shortcomings and potential pain points, creating a roadmap for DJ Cat's website.


Next, I reviewed the roadmap with her, and together, we determined which features would be most important. We agreed that for her website to a) stand out, and b) gather and convert leads, we'd need clear contact CTAs, an easy inquiry/contact form, embedded mix samples, and stunning visuals.


Clear calls to action. Potential clients need to be able to spot how to contact DJ Cat instantly, and be nudged to contact her throughout their time on her site. Instead of littering the page with CTA buttons, I designed a single eye-catching call-to-action button anchored on the right side of the screen, which stays in place as the user scrolls. The contrasting color and lack of movement immediately attract the user's attention. 

Quick and easy contact/inquiry form. Once they've clicked or tapped the sticky "Book now!" button (or the "Contact" option in the top navigation), a contact form appears, with fields for the necessary details. We decided to label the form "Book a Consultation," to make it clear to potential customers that they aren't committing to anything by completing the form. The "event date" field is optional, in case a user is in the earlier stages of planning their event, and the "event type" opens a dropdown menu, showing the types of event that DJ Cat works on.

Embedded mix samples. DJ Cat wants potential clients to be able to hear her work without ever leaving her site, so I designed the site with music samples embedded right on the landing page. I suggested labeling them with the names of various couples, to convey DJ Cat's specialty as a wedding DJ.

Striking visuals. DJ Cat and I had several conversations about the visual style she wanted for her site. She wanted a celebratory look and feel that would make it easy for viewers to imagine themselves on the dance floor; at the same time, she wanted the site to look professional and trustworthy. We also felt it was important for her personality and identity to come through right away: though potential customers need to be able to envision their own event when searching for a DJ, it's even more important that DJ Cat stand out from the crowd—which she does, ultimately, by being herself. 

With weddings and other large events filling up the calendar, DJ Cat is almost ready to launch her new site and take her business right to the dance floor.

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