Hi! I’m Rebecca. I’ve always been passionate about design, and I’ve always been passionate about problem solving.

Me and a friend.

I first came to see how the two could be combined while watching a documentary about Milton Glaser. At one point in the film, a designer working in Glaser's studio explains how her grandparents, whose first names were similar to one another, kept accidentally mixing up their prescription medications. She realized it was a design problem: the labels on most pill bottles, combined with the bottles' shape, makes them difficult to read. She set about solving the problem with design.

The field of User Experience Design speaks to me because of how it addresses problems like these. We can make the world a better place with design!

Previously, I worked in the publishing and startup worlds, focusing on marketing, copywriting, and business development. I feel lucky to be able to apply my skills and knowledge from those fields to the world of UX.

When I'm not designing, you can find me looking at art, watching movies, reading, and wandering around various cities. I also do graphic design.

Shall we chat design? 

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