UX Design by Rebecca LeVine

Hi! I’m Rebecca, and I believe that design grounded in the needs of real people can help solve major problems.

Me and a friend.

I'm a User Experience and Product Designer with a love of creative problem solving. My background is in business development and marketing, and my passion is for service- and mission-driven design. I'm particularly interested in how design can be applied to addressing crises in healthcare (see my case studies addressing two very different public health issues: social media addiction and Covid-19 testing).

In my previous roles, I worked with multiple stakeholders (developers, product managers, sales directors, leadership), and with clients directly—so as a UX Designer, I'm easily able to collaborate with and adhere to the needs of multiple teams, all while prioritizing the needs of the client. From my client-facing experience in particular, I learned how to draw a complete picture of customer needs, and how to solicit and synthesize actionable feedback. Because I also worked closely with developers, I was able to help roadmap user-centered solutions that were ambitious but realistic in scope.

When I'm not designing, you can find me looking at art, reading, and wandering around various cities. I also do graphic design.

Let’s problem solve with design. 

Email me at levre52@gmail.com