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UX Design by Rebecca LeVine

Hi! I’m Rebecca, and I believe that design grounded in the needs of real people can help solve major problems.

I'm a User Experience and Product Designer with a love of creative problem solving. 

Most recently, I was embedded full time at Goldman Sachs, working alongside their designers, developers, product managers, client services reps, and business and strategy teams. I worked on redesigning and adding new features to existing apps; mobile optimization; stakeholder management; and more.

Working in finance also gave me the invaluable experience of designing a product unlike anything I myself have had reason to use. Getting to know the industry, the jargon, and uses of the products was an exciting challenge. But the principles of UX apply regardless of the specifics; namely: users first. Understanding their needs, and designing products to suit them, was our raison d'etre, as it is with any UX undertaking.

I've also worked in startup environments, publishing, and client-facing business development roles, all of which inform my work as a user experience designer.

When I'm not designing, you can find me looking at art, reading, and wandering around various cities. I also do graphic design.

Let’s problem solve with design. 

Email me at

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