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UX Design by Rebecca LeVine


Designer-Developer best practices. 

I introduced an initiative to identify and address pain points in the design file handoff process between designers and engineers. I led my team in interviewing developers, synthesizing findings, ideating solutions, and eventually implementing and testing concrete approaches to improve the workflow. In essence, we used UX methodology—the same principles employed for product design—to design a better way of working.

Web application redesigns. 

Migration of Prime's suite of applications to a new platform required that they be fully redesigned: to better respond to user needs, to incorporate best practices for usability and accessibility, and to fit the organization's updated design system. I served as lead designer on several of these redesigns, from user research and requirement gathering to high-fidelity prototypes to testing and implementation.

New feature design & implementation. 

In response to strategy directives from org leadership—and to user feedback—existing applications were continuously updated and augmented with new features. I designed several of these, adhering to business requirements and engineering budgets while consistently advocating for the products' end-users and prioritizing their needs.

Mobile optimization. 

Workflows on Prime applications often involve dense, data-heavy screens, the complexity of which require that they be used almost exclusively on desktop. However, users had voiced a need to be able to execute certain app functionalities from their phones. I helped discover and define these use cases, delving into the particular user stories informing them, and designed streamlined, mobile-friendly versions of several apps. The unique challenge of this kind of project lay not only in optimizing screen layouts, but also in working with stakeholders to decide which features to adapt for inclusion and which to excise.

Direct responses to pain points. 

I reviewed support tickets with client services reps to identify and address client concerns. Sometimes, they'd reveal or reinforce a larger issue, which would require considerable time, research, money, and engineering effort to rectify. Other times, the problem could be solved with a simple design intervention. Making clients happy and easing the burden on client services was always a win-win.

Stakeholder management.

Initiatives I worked on could include upwards of 15 stakeholders: developers, product managers, business and client services reps. I worked to balance their competing and sometimes contradictory needs and priorities by active listening; identifying when and when not to compromise; and applying the same principle that governs all UX design: empathy. 

Goldman Sachs

I was embedded full time with the Prime Digital Services team at Goldman Sachs from September 2021 to October 2022. There, I worked on products for external clients (mostly hedge funds) alongside various stakeholders.

Please find an overview of the work I did at GS below. Work samples can't be posted publicly but can be provided upon request.


Senior UX Designer




13 months

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